About Our Agency

an agency that focuses on everything related to presentations and presenting

Our Mission

How many times have you seen a slide deck that put you to sleep? Did that happened at a conference? Did that happen in your organisation? Was it you that was not able to create a stunning slide deck and thus deliver your message in the best way possible?

We founded 356labs with one simple goal - to help you, your company and your event deliver and achieve more. We are here to assist you and work closely with you on your presentation design and no, we don't care what software you are using to deliver your presentations. We can build just as incredible deck with PowerPoint as we can with HTML, CSS and a bit of JavaScript!

It is high time now to finally start fixing Presentation Design because otherwise all of us are missing out on many new opportunities and that's a shame. It just is.

Our Skills

here's what we are really good at and no, we are not joking

  • Presentation Skills 100%

  • Presentation Design 100%

  • Training and Mentoring 100%

  • Washing Dishes 50%

Why Choose Us?

We have already seen the difference it makes when a speaker has a stunningly designed slide deck. We have done it ourselves and we have done it all across the world, so we are practitioners and not a group of people who just read about the importance of design. What's more, we have trained numerous companies and organizations in both presentation skills and presentation design. The results are complete change in the way how people approach and deliver presentations! Here's a bit more about who we are:

  1. Top rated international speakers.
  2. World class designers.
  3. Incredible artists.
  4. Just awesome and easy going people.
  5. A team who is ready to disrupt.

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