3 reasons to always strive to get better in presenting

This post will be a really personal one. Hope it will make you think.

Many people asked me why I spend so many hours of work and preparation for every single presentation that I deliver. Here’s why. It’s because of 3 really simple things:

1. Because is part of our work today – have you recently been asked to present in front of your team or was it just the nature of your job that requires you to present? Almost every one of us nowadays has to deliver presentation(s) as part of his work and so, if you want to be better and grow in your career, you have to be a good presenter.

2. Because the expectations of your audience are now high – have you noticed that many people have now watched at least a few amazing presentations? Whether it’s Steve Jobs’s keynote or a TED talk, people have seen stunning talks and now they expect the same from us. They expect you, me, everyone to be at least as that level.

3. Because it’s you and you have to care about your name and reputation – probably the most important reason for me. I care so deeply about my name and what people associate me with, it’s hard to even explain it. Please understand that if you fail in a presentation that can affect you and your reputation like never ever before. 

So in case you were wondering why I spend so much time – that’s your answer.

In case you were wondering why you should spend a ton of time – that’s your answer.

And in case you were wondering why we started 356labs – do you still wonder why we did it?

Don’t underestimate the importance of any of the presentations you deliver because if you do so, something bad can happen and then it may also be too late. Strive to always get better and deliver more.

Hope this post will make you think a bit. Please share.