3 Reasons to Use Prezi in Your Next Presentation

Let’s face it. When you step into the world of presentations there’s no other way but seeing PowerPoint. However, sometimes your audience and your presentation need to take a breath of fresh air. That’s why a little step like changing the presentation software can be a huge jump for distinguishing yourself and your ideas.

One of the ways you can achieve this is by using the most popular alternative to PowerPoint – Prezi. A software which not only spices up your presentation but also helps you create more effective and engaging presentations. Here are 3 (and there are a lot more, trust me) reasons that will show you some of the advantages that Prezi has:

1. It’s more dynamic and captivating.

If you imagine you’re an artist and you have an endless canvas in front of you on which you can create, you already understand what Prezi actually is.
You just have to see a presentation made with Prezi to really feel how fluent, vibrant and generally more impressive than PowerPoint it is. Linear slides are replaced by dynamic and free movement where the position of every object, how and when you get to it is completely your choice.

2. Its mission is to tell great stories.

The key to a good presentation is telling an effective story. Prezi is literally programmed for achieving this goal as it helps you emphasize each part of it – the beginning, middle, and end. The information is arranged spatially and with the help of transitions and its now famous zoom effect, Prezi will help you visually explain the connection between the different points of you story and how they relate to one another.

3. Your presentation gets a better presentation overview.

Here comes the power of The Zoom Effect. With Prezi and its Zoom effect, you have the opportunity to let the audience see ”the big picture”. Said in simple words – showing the overview of your presentation not only helps people know where you are taking them (and how long the journey will take) but also it helps you emphasize the points which your presentation and your story are telling.

So, next time, before you open your PowerPoint, think twice. Think again because Prezi can give a whole new look of your talk and can definitely help you differentiate. At the end of the day, over 50 million people are using it. It should be doing something right, right? 🙂