5 Inspiring PowerPoint Presentations that Hit the Mark

The power and potential of a well-built presentation cannot be measured or ignored. You can say it’s successful not just when it helps you sell your product or service, but when it inspires a change in the audience’s perceptions and way of thinking on the subject.

Creating powerful presentations (like the ones in our portfolio) that make a real impact on your audience and your business may not be a task suited for everyone. The presentations you’ll see here were written and built by our team of professional designers and presenters, but this shouldn’t discourage you.

If you’re also interested in learning how to create stories and design slides that help you spread the right message, there are ways to train yourself and your teams the basic & advanced presentation skills your organization needs in order to be presented in the most effective way possible. For example you can check our trainings.

These presentations were created for different scenarios and purposes, but the main factor they have in common is communication. The amount of collaboration we undergo with each client is what makes these presentations hit the mark and help huge organizations achieve crucial milestones.


Conference Talk

James Whittaker is a distinguished engineer, but one thing he’s also remarkable at is being a speaker. Our team watched him deliver a presentation at the TNW Conference in 2018 and the only thing they thought was:

“Wow, this guy is an outstanding speaker. If only his slides were better!”

Long story short – he was approached by our team with an idea to help him improve his presentation and he was happy to accept and collaborate openly with the team along the way.

The whole presentation was redesigned from the ground up while we were rewatching his talk and building the slides based on his distinctive speaking style. The goal was to surprise him with a presentation where all the screenshots, photos, and visuals were recreated from scratch.

“Every detail matters” was the state of mind we were in while building this presentation for James.

By the time we finished the presentation and handed it off to James, we already built a close relationship with him. That’s why it meant the world to us when we heard this from him:

“I loved working with 356labs on my presentation about the future of AI. Everywhere I present now I get compliments on the slides. Definitely increased my impact as a speaker.”

TBI Bank

Event Presentation

You can imagine how hard it is for an entire bank to undergo changes and transformation. The case with TBI Bank was that they wanted to showcase their progress and vision for the digital transformation of the entire company. Their CEO asked us to prepare the internal and public presentations, as well as a document that can be viewed separately.

The target was to create something truly remarkable, not just because of the nature and gravity of the entire project, but also because the CEO himself always looks for what’s best out there.

The design team went all-in with the way they put the whole story in motion to visualize the future that is yet to come for TBI Bank, both for their organization, and their clients.

The team at TBI was absolutely thrilled with what we achieved together, especially after they tried doing it themselves using a previous corporate presentation template, which… Well, it wouldn’t achieve what you’re seeing here.

The priority was to show TBI’s vision to evolve and compete in an industry that’s shifting to flexible and mobile-first solutions, where banks need to adapt to keep growing.

The presentation design, animations, and entire atmosphere we wanted to create were built to support the speaker through the digital transformation journey he wants to start with his company.


Sales Presentation

What’s one the first thing you need when your company is undergoing a complete restructuring of your sales operations? A brand new, killer sales presentation.

That’s what happened with Combridge when they were going through changes and needed us to step in and ensure their new beginning is off to a flying start with a stunning new presentation.

The ideal strategy for this presentation was to build a set of interactive and conversational slides that can be navigated manually based on the client’s requirements. This means an easy way to access specific sets of slides with interactive elements that take you exactly where you want to go, instead of just switching to the next slide.

This way the client sees exactly what they need when they need it. The engagement stays high, and the sales representative is in full control of the meeting.

Zoom and Morph were the main PowerPoint features used to achieve the desired effect and make the whole presentation interactive and easy to navigate.

This helped the reshaped sales operations team behind Combridge to drive critical sales at a crucial time that needed them.

Detail Online

Sales Collateral

Detail Online is a software company that makes sure that retailers are presenting your products online as they should be presented.

So, they came at us with a request for us to help them present themselves as they should. We were tasked with building the entire sales collateral for the company including a presentation template, one-pagers, documents, everything they needed to send to potential clients.

Detail have a specific sales process they use so the presentation template they needed had to serve their strategy. A part of their team had to be enabled to quickly create specific slides based on heavy research while maintaining a consistent design and new brand identity the company had recently developed.

The previous presentation they were using was designed internally and served a purpose, but the founder of Detail knew there was a higher level of quality, impact, and effectiveness. And he wanted to reach it with a new presentation that will help them differentiate and stand out.

After everything was done the founder of Detail was so excited with the results that he was eager to introduce us to a whole army of people both in and out the company:

“These are the guys that built our sales materials. You have to see them!”


Internal Event Presentation

The presentation that was created without any of us or the client knowing who the audience will be. The meeting was supposed to be private and nobody knew who the jury was going to be. However, the goal of Deloitte’s Country Director for one of their European entities came at us with the statement:

“This is a life and career-changing event for me!”

Since the audience is at the center of any presentation, we were determined to find out who they were supposed to be. After everyone we spoke to denied disclosing this, we managed to access internal information from participants who went through the process from previous years.

After we were done brainstorming and finished the entire story, the design team had a lot of heavy-duty requirements for the slides. The goal was to build a truly immersive visual experience for the audience so they can be visually engaged while the presenter is addressing his key points.

The result was a presentation that stood out from the 1st slide and showed the audience that we’re about to put up a real show. The feeling we were aiming for was:

“This is not your typical corporate presentation.”

Okay, a lot of pretty slides and impressive effects, but was it a success you may ask? Well, ask the person who got promoted from Country Director to Partner in Deloitte after this presentation.

Summing up...

Great presentations lead to great achievements. If your organization is serious about reaching new heights in your growth, then leveling up your team’s presentation skills is a huge leap forward. Winning your audience over is a serious challenge and an impactful presentation can get you closer to overcoming it than you can possibly imagine.

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