a_topic_for_a_great_presentatationI have been quite involved in Quora from a long time – answering people’s questions around presentations there. However, there is one question that comes up far too often because Quora obviously does not have a way(algorithm of some kind) to check if someone has asked that already. The question is:

What’s a good topic for a presentation?

Because I am seeing this one so often and because I want to both help, but also respect my time and the time of everyone on Quora who tries to help the others, I am writing this blog post in order to be able to just point to it from now on. And here is your answer:

Every single topic can be turned into a great presentation!

Simple answer, right? How’s that possible, some of you may ask? It is completely possible because the great presentations are great not because of their topics. They are great because of the speakers and the way they presented them. 

So when next time someone asks somewhere on the web(or in person) if you can suggest him/her a topic for a great presentation, please point them to this blog post. Hopefully, we will able to sort that one once and for all.