All Presentation Services Now Also Available in a Virtual Form

This short post is about us giving you an update on the situation around the so-called COVID-19 and how it impacts every one of us, the community around us, and how we at 356labs, reorganized our work so that our projects and services remain at our clients’ disposal.

Before going to the business-related updates, let us use the opportunity to ask everyone reading this post to make sure we are all taking care of ourselves and the people around us first. Let’s all follow the guidelines given and make sure we do everything we can to stop the spread of this virus. We are sure everyone already wants to return to life as usual, but for all of us to do that, we need to be patient, consistent, and work on it together.

Now back to our service offerings and the latest updates there…

Presentation development work continues as before.

The projects we work on continue with no disruption whatsoever. To ensure the health and safety of everyone, the whole team is working from the comfort of their homes.

Apart from home-brewed coffee, they also have all the tools they need to continue building the exceptional presentations and templates you know us for.

Training & consulting services now available also virtually!

Almost 100% of our workshops and training events were postponed for later dates which is entirely understandable. That’s why we are happy to announce that our whole training portfolio can now be delivered 100% virtually too. For us to make this happen, we went through some work though: 

1. All training and exercise materials were recreated for easy use in a virtual setup.

2. Video cams, microphones, you name it – we geared up for a flawless experience.

3. All the tools and features that turn virtual training into a great training experience have been acquired and tested. Technologies like:

  • Live polls
  • Breakout sessions (which allow for virtual group exercises)
  • Whiteboard collaboration
  • Reactions on the topics
  • Chat and much more

Being able to have those at our disposal gives us the confidence we need to deliver any of our courses with the quality you always expect of us.

Learn about virtual training here!

Free access for the community!

We made our best-selling online course PowerPoint Tips & Tricks available for everyone. If you still haven’t enrolled, just look at the top part of the website, and you will see a red banner giving you all the instructions you need!

What’s more, expect some huge changes in our overall digital presence quite soon and a lot more content together with it.

With all that said and written, we leave you here! Please stay safe, and in case we can be of service to you in any way, please reach out! 😉