Can you imagine having a personal assistant who is one of the best speakers and one of the best presentation designers in the world? Now imagine that this same person reads everything that’s related to those 2 topics on the web. Would you like if that guy selects the best articles and sends them to you once per month? Would you pay for this service? And what if I tell you that we are starting to offer this same thing for free? Interested? I think you should be… Newsletter_Form_356labs

We are really happy to announce that we are now ready to offer a free, monthly newsletter which will have curated content around the topics of presentation skills, presentation design and public speaking in general.

So in case you want this one additional mail, just look at the upper right corner of the blog. There is no way you can miss the formEnter your e-mail and then go in your inbox because you will have to confirm that it was you that subscribed. Once you do that, you are set.

Happy Monday, everyone! 🙂