Are you the person in your company who is responsible for the development and growth of the people around you? Or are you one of those great employees that cares about how presentations are being done? No matter which one of the above you are, we have something that may be of interest to you!

I am really happy to announce that after a ton of work and preparation we are now ready to train you and your colleagues in how to become even better presenters and why not even the next top rated conference speakers! 

In the last few months we have put our hearts and souls in preparing everything needed – from all the needed hardware to materials, exercises and additional web services. We have delivered numerous trainings in the past, but we decided to recreate, redesign and rethink everything because we just want to deliver the best possible in-person trainings out there. We care so much about how presentations are being done that if it’s not us that will deliver top quality training for you, then I just cannot imagine who should and will. 

What we are offering is a full week of in-person training(yes, we are coming to you). Why are we asking for a whole week you may be asking yourself? The answer is because we believe there are 3 things that need to be covered in order for someone to become a great presenter. Those 3 things or let’s call them 3 modules are the following:

  1. Presentation Skills Module – where we teach you how to prepare and deliver a great presentation
  2. Presentation Design Module – where we teach you how to create a stunning slide deck
  3. Data Visualization Module – where we teach you how to effectively show and display data

During the training the whole group, which we recommend should not be bigger than 10 people, will not just learn and practice a lot, but every person will get 1:1 mentorship with me where I will give him personal recommendations and suggestions on how to improve even more.

So if you are the decision maker in your organization and the people around you present often, then let us help them and raise the level of the presentations in your organization. And if you are just one of the great employees in your company, forward this blog post to your manager or just let him know about the opportunity.  We are already booked by 2 companies(as we privately announced this to a few friends first), so 2 weeks from 2016 are already booked in our calendar, but the others are not! Contact us here or at contact@356labs.com and let us help you achieve more with your presentations!

Hope to see you soon!