I am extremely happy to finally announce the start of the #Ask356labs show! We have put a lot of effort in making this happen and finally… we are ready to start! This is the Bulgarian version of the show where we will be replying to questions that were asked in Bulgarian and surely, we will be answering them in Bulgarian(even though I am now writing this in English). There, however, will be an English only version too as our mission is to help make presentations better globally!

The key moments of episode 1:

2:12 – What does #ask356labs mean?
3:27 – How can we create a story for our presentation?
6:14 – What to do if we make a mistake during our presentation?

Enjoy watching and don’t forget to ask your question too! Just use #ask356labs on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

P.S. Thank you so much everyone for providing you with your feedback! We listened and we are going to take the needed steps in order to improve the audio and the lighting! Please keep the feedback going and also give us a bit of time – it’s just me that is handling everything currently. We want to see if you like the video and the format and if so, we are then going to hire experts to help us! Thanks again!