Finally! I am happy to announce the first episode of The #Ask356labs Show! This will be yet one more way of us trying to help as many of you out there to become better and achieve more with your presentations. The main idea (as you will see in the video) is that you dictate what we are going to talk about because we will be replying to your questions. You just have to type them in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #ask356labs.

As you may have noticed, we already have published another video similar to this. This is because we are going to record the show in both Bulgarian and English. The final goal – reach to as many of you as we can. We learned a lot from the first video in Bulgarian and we applied some changes in the editing part of this one. However, we saw a few more things that we need to be fixing and improving and they are coming with Episode 2!

As for now – enjoy watching! We would appreciate it if you let us know what you think and share it with the people who you think may benefit from the content.

Lastly, don’t forget to submit your next questions. We are already looking forward to them! #ask356labs

The key moments in the episode: 

2:16 – What presentation structure you can use and what’s the main purpose of having such?
4:15 – How do you plan your timing and how do you keep it during the presentation?
7:54 – How do you keep with stage fright?
10:40 – What template do you use on an event if the event organizers allow you a complete freedom in your choice?