Episode 101’s guest is Oscar Svernlöv from Mentimeter, the interactive presentation tool that helps you engage your audience. Before joining Mentimeter and the presentation industry, Oscar has delivered workshops, webinars, and has been a teacher and a game show host.

At the time of recording the podcast episode, Oscar was the Community Content Creator at Mentimeter, however, he has since been promoted to Educational Content Specialist. So, Oscar, congrats!

Mentimeter, by the way, is our Storytelling Track sponsor for Present to Succeed 2022! And Oscar Svernlöv is one of our wonderful speakers at the Present to Succeed Conference 2022!

In his episode with him, you can hear us talk about audience engagement, interactive presentations, how Mentimeter came to be, and why it has become associated with audience engagement so much.

Oscar's unusual path into the presentation industry

In the past, Oscar shared that he had been a teacher, and since hosting presentations is a big part of any teaching style, his presentation skills were developed even before joining the industry. He had been a game show host at a local studio when Mentimeter approached them about collaborating, since Mentimeter is an incredible interactive tool that gives polls, quizzes, and many other engagement possibilities. Oscar got to host the game show of the collaboration and when Mentimeter saw how great that collaboration went, six months later, Oscar switched to working for them. Now he teaches people how to become better presenters using Mentimeter.

How Mentimeter came to be

We got to hear how Mentimeter was born out of the frustration with boring meetings and endless hours spent in workshops, where you are just watching, one-sidedly. From that dissatisfaction sprang the technology that allows the audience to participate in the presentation, allowing the presenters to have active participants rather than passive listeners.

A presentation that allows you to respond, vote, and contribute is one that you are far more likely to remember. During the interview, Oscar explained all the advantages of that interactivity for engagement.

The desperate need for engagement in presentations

Have you noticed that everything around us is interactive now? Every platform lets us comment or engage in some way or another, so why should it be any different when it comes to presentations?

Mentimeter offers a variety of levels of engagement, ranging from a simple poll and asking a question to more advanced and intricate kinds of participation for when you have a truly engaged audience. And all these levels of interactivity can be smoothly integrated with your PowerPoint or Keynote.

You, inviting your audience to have their voices heard, could be invaluable. Listen more about why audience involvement is so important in the episode.

Solution for big events

Oscar shares that Mentimeter can be a solution for your event, especially for big audiences, because you can get a very detailed overview of your audience with a simple question, even if they are more than 500 people. That chance of interacting with each of them creates a connection. Your audience feels seen, and you also have that powerful real-time analysis of your audience.

During the podcast, Oscar also provided further information about Mentimeter’s brand customization option and his future session as a speaker at Present to Succeed 2022. It was a fascinating talk with such a positive guest like Oscar.


Do not forget to check out Mentimeter here. You can also connect with Oscar Svernlöv on his personal LinkedIn.

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