Brad is the VP of Marketing and >Henrik is one of the Co-Founders of Pickit - a very powerful tool used on a daily basis by many people and companies across the world. It speeds up the process immensely right at people's fingertips and solves issues like getting easy access to great content and images for your presentations. Services included are also refining any complex storage systems by consolidating everything all in one place - Pickit's very handy digital asset management system.

What an episode this is! Joined by Brad and Henrik we talk about the current state of the presentation world, their session at our upcoming Present to Succeed Conference, what Pickit adds to the table and how it can help anyone – the individual user and the big corporate achieve consistency across their presentations while saving time for their employees!

A great beginning requires great commitment

In the beginning, developing Pickit required great dedication. We hear the story about how the co-founder, Mathias Bjorkholm, ambushed the Microsoft Headquarters in Seattle so he would get a meeting with them. Commitment requires persistence and persistence brings the results. Today Pickit is the most downloaded add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint in the world because it evolved into a powerful tool that increases overall productivity and brand consistency tremendously

The three main errors in designing presentations

Brad tells us his top three common mistakes out there in presentations that are very common to fall prey to. They are – wasting the intro, no storytelling and too much going on in your presentation. There are many more but that is why we have conferences like Present to Succeed and tools like Pickit to come to the rescue. You can hear in detail the mistakes and what it takes to avoid them in the podcast episode.

Every ticket to the Present to Succeed conference gets a full license for Pickit

With the giveaway, we believe we add so much value. It is a great way to help you get started on your journey with improving your presentations while also improving your digital asset management.

With any ticket to the Present to Succeed conference, you get a free full year-long Pickit Enterprise license for up to 3 separate accounts, valued at €200, and any accounts further are discounted for you. It comes with a full-scale DAM system, custom branding, and everything else Pickit can provide you with. Аdditionally, you get assistance in onboarding and curation to help you get started and set up the image bank and digital assets for the company. It is usually a struggle to switch systems and get organized and this consultation aids you to optimize it best to suit your needs. With this package, we believe it is a great opportunity for anyone to benefit from it.

All of this is discussed thoroughly in the full episode, so tune in, subscribe, and let us know what you think!

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