Case Study: The Presentation You Need For Your Conference Booth

Let’s say you or your company gets the opportunity to present its work at a conference exhibiton. You rent or you are given a booth. At this point you are already thinking: “How should I present me or my company in a way that will capture people’s attention?”. Before we show you how, however, let’s check something.

Have you seen this one?

You go the the exhibition area of an event and you see some kind of a slideshow or a video that presents the company. It is played on a laptop or on a huge TV screen. However, it is set to move to the next slide on every 10 seconds, let’s say, and you have zero control over it. So what happens is you get to that screen, you see something that is of interest to you and then the slide changes! Maybe at this point you said to yourself: “OK, I will come back later!” but you know very well that… later becomes… never. So, have you been there?

Now imagine what this means for the person who is on the booth? Missed opportunity to engage with a potential client. Ouch! However, it’s now you that’s going to be on the booth? So what do you do differently to prevent this to happen?

Here is our idea for you!

Let’s rebuild the whole experience. Let’s give full control over that presentation to the person coming to your booth! Let them interact and decide what they want to see, how long they see it, etc. Why? Because once you see they are consuming that presentation that means interest and thus you can approach and start talking with them.

You got me. How can we do this?

  1. You need to hire the best touch display you can get. We recommend at least 40 inch screen here. Yes, it’s not as expensive as you think it is or as it used to be. Trust us.
  2. Use PowerPoint to create a beautiful and interactive presentation so that the people at the event can touch the display and “play with it”! Sounds crazy? Take a look at our company presentation we recently used at an event that caught quite some attention!

Note: The video is not taken from a touch display and we are using a mouse to interact with the slideshow.

But how you can make this kind of presentation?

The feature is called Zoom. With its help you will be able to go to any place in the presentation, navigate back and forth in a very dynamic and fancy even (yes!) way instead of just going and consuming a presentation in a linear fashion – one slide after the other. However, there is a catch!

Zoom for PowerPoint (PC and Mac) is only available on Office 365 and PowerPoint 2019.

In our presentation you see a dashboard with different “buttons” leading you to different places(more or less like a website). In your case those will probably be different – both in terms of style, naming and maybe even number. At the end of the day, your organization is different than ours.


When you are in one of the sections there is one or couple of slides. When that is the case, you have to think about the user interface. You need some navigation-like buttons that help the person in front of the screen go to the next slide, go back to the previous slide or go back even at the beginning – to the dashboard. That means that you have to place two buttons at the top right on the screen, as you can see in our presentation, because this is the place, from UX(User Experience) point of view where the “consumers” would expect them to be.

One more example

Here is something we recently did for a client of ours – ScalaHosting. They had to go San Francisco at an event where they rented a booth. It was the biggest yearly gathering in their industry so they wanted to differentiate and stand out! So here is what we did for them. Take a look:

The feedback came immediately after they came back from the US.

You guys cannot even believe what an impression this made to the people who approached us! Thank you so much for helping us generate such an interest to our booth!” – Hristo Rusev, CEO and Co-Founder Scalahosting

To sum it up, PowerPoint’s Zoom is something that we would highly recommend you have in mind the next time you have to present yourself at a conference booth. It is that big of a deal especially if you are looking to differentiate from everyone else out there! Want us to help?Just let us know!