David JP Phillips is an international speaker, author, coach, and global authority on public speaking. He is on the world's top 20 lists of Global Gurus in Communication and his three TEDx-Talks accumulate over five million views.

David joins us in this episode to talk about the science of storytelling – a topic he is truly passionate about but not only. We discussed the topic of what makes the great speakers out there great and of course, we mentioned the 110 communication techniques he found each top presenter has. You can find a ton of great videos from him on his YouTube channel, visit his websiteand follow him on LinkedIn.

The importance of rehearsals

So how much David rehearses his talks? Well, it’s 4 to 6 hours per minute of his talk. Let’s all here do the math together for an 18-minute talk. This is 108 hours of preparation for just one presentation.

The 110 techniques a speaker can use

Even though they are 110, the average person delivers between 25-30. The average manager goes somewhere around 55. And the average professional speaker goes up to 60. There are very few people in the world that deliver 85 – 90. Thinking you cannot improve still?

Is storytelling important or that important really?

David believes storytelling is the ultimate communication weapon. What’s more, the reason behind this statement is not only because we have been using stories to communicate for centuries and centuries but all of us are actually great storytellers. We are so good at telling stories that we sometimes put ourselves in sadness, depression, or in a happy mood – depending on what stories we tell ourselves…

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