digitalk_logoDigitalK is one of the major yearly events that gather together people from the technology and the startup world. It’s a 2 day event and yeah, we decided we will join the 2016 edition! ūüôā

Now, if I have to be honest, I asked the organizers to speak at the event, but they refused because “they are only looking for international speakers”. I don’t want to comment on that. ¬†You can all try to wrap your heads around this way of thinking. I will just add that I let them know that I have spoken in 20+ countries (being international there) and I was not just once selected as the top rated speaker at those¬†events, so it’s not the nationality that determines if you are a great speaker, it’s obviously something else… (btw, the top speaker at the Innovation Explorer conference was also a Bulgarian – strange when you have international speakers¬†from Intel, Pixar and Google, right?)

As usual, we will be live blogging from the eventthe same way we did from Innovation Explorer¬†– and we¬†are again going to be showing both the great, but also the bad presentations and no, we are not haters. We just want to shake the world of conferences, especially the paid ones, because it’s high time for the organizers of those events to understand that when you are paying a serious entrance fee, you expect great value in return. That’s not the case in the last few years and I believe you will agree with me.¬†

That’s it! Hope to see you there and if not,¬†stay tuned for the details around our live blogging – we are going to share them a few days before the event – probably on 17th or 18th of May.¬†

Are you coming to DigitalK or will you monitor the live blogging? Let us know in the comments! 

Update: You can find the live blogging from the event here and we hope that even if you were not at able to make it the event, this will give you a glimpse of what the event was all about and the topics that were discussed.

As for my thoughts, I would say DigiTalk was way, way better event than Innovation Explorer, which we also blogged about. The venue, the speakers, the content, the way they presented(!),¬†the ticket price(which was¬†lower than Innovation Explorer and let’s don’t forget that DigiTalk is a 2-day event) and in general, the overall experience was really, really good. I would recommend that event to everyone who wants to meet really interesting and innovative¬†people and want to learn about future trends, technologies and successful startups.

End. ūüôā