At 356labs we were recently contacted by a friend of mine with an interesting request — he wanted a PowerPoint template for himself.

Yes, you read that right. This is not a request for a company PowerPoint template. This an individual who wants a presentation template for himself and for himself only.

So who, if at all, needs a PowerPoint template? The answer is — a speaker. A speaker, who presents frequently and someone who cares about his brand! So if you are already a public speaker or plan to be such, why would you need a PowerPoint template? Here is why you probably want one:

  1. Because you understand that your presentations are your business card — you know the value of presentation design and you know that being a great speaker coupled with incredible slides is what makes a session at a conference the top rated session at that conference;
  2. Because you want to achieve brand consistency, so every time you speak somewhere, people would see the familiar look of your presentations;
  3. Because even though you like preparing your presentations, you want to be able to do them faster — a proper PowerPoint template is created based on your needs and helps you create your slides without wasting time and energy thinking about things like fonts, color combinations, layouts and more. What’s more, if you happen to reuse slides from previous talks, guess what — when you copy it in the new session’s file, it looks as it’s actually part of it immediately;
  4. Because you want to save money — instead of asking a presentation design agency like 356labs to create every single one of your presentations, you invest once in a template customized to fit your presentation needs and then with almost no effort, you build great slides for yourself.

Are you that speaker? And are you that speaker who wants to achieve the above? If so, probably it’s time for you to invest in a proper presentation template or at least… starting thinking about doing it.