Elena is the Co-Founder of DATEL Productions, an event production company that turns passion into brands.

Elena has taken digital events extremely seriously and she’s now going above and beyond to produce conferences that are the place for innovation.

She has lived all over the world, from America to Hong Kong, being exposed to various cultures throughout her life. Along the way, she learned the true need and meaning of community.

Currently living in London, she’s hoping to help expand, enrich, and strengthen the Microsoft Excel community worldwide. Her enthusiasm is driven by her need to connect with other people and facilitate the same for others.

Elena is constantly on the hunt for new inspiration and ideas that can be applied not only to her work but also to her personal life. She has found a true hobby behind her camera lens and is eager to see where life takes her next!

In this episode, she tells Boris about her experience and how to produce digital events that hit the mark. Their goal is to spark interest in young professionals to attend online events and grow the communities in their respective fields.

Check them out at:

DATEL Productions
Global Excel Summit

What does Elena expect from their events

Every speaker should dive into their field, deliver passionate presentations, be pumped about what they’re talking about, network intensively, and get attendees excited about the topics.

How did they switch from live to virtual?

To adjust to such a fundamental change they had to rethink their entire strategy and approach to organizing the event. However, they realized that this is an opportunity to go from local to global and reach people all over the world. And they actually saw a huge growth in the number of attendees.

If you want to do it – you find a way to do it.

One rule all virtual events should go by

Make sure that ALL of the speakers meet their deadlines. This is the only way the organization of the event can run smoothly. Everyone must rely on everyone else that they will do their part and when the day comes – you’re as prepared as you can to meet your deadline and do it with passion.

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