Emma is a Microsoft MVP, author, speaker, Telstra Business Women's Award Finalist, and the Founder of Australia’s leading agency - Presentation Studio.

Emma and her team help businesses stand out so that their audience understands their message. Her clients are some of the most respected in the industry.

Emma is also the Visual Communication Editor at Presentation-Guru a new, digital resource for presentation professionals across the globe.

She is the author of Visual Thinking, a book that explains how to build more visual presentations for a greater impact.

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Also, if you like videos, they have one of the best YouTube channels in the industry.

In this episode, she told Boris about her favorite presentation mistakes all people make and the most popular flaws she sees in business professionals when it comes to communicating with their audience.

Agreeing on the key objective of the presentation

CEOs or other leadership positions usually know what they want and what they’re doing because they think strategically. But when you go down a level in the company you have 5 or more people who are all trying to be heard and none of them can agree on the key objectives.

In other situations, one individual can have a presentation brief prepared without clarifying it with their leadership, which also creates a lot of room for error and slow implementation.

Make sure the right people are involved in the presentation!

Last minute feedback

Often when a brand needs a presentation for their event, meeting, or conference, they rarely pay enough attention to the accuracy of the content.

Checking if their presentation is conveying the right message 2 minutes before showing it is a mistake a lot of people do and fail miserably.

Due to mistakes like the previous one when not all team members are aligned with the key message and the presentation developer has been misled, this is a real issue that can cost tons of resources.

Always check your presentation early to make sure you’re showing the right thing!

Having experience doesn't mean you have skills

It’s a reality check for a lot of people, especially older generations but it’s true. Whether or not you’ve been presenting your work, products, and services for 20 years and you’ve been doing presentations all your life – that doesn’t mean you’re doing a great job if you’ve been doing it wrong all that time.

It just means you’ve built the wrong habits and mistake them for skills.

Communication standards, visual standards, and audience engagement standards have skyrocketed in the past years, so nobody can afford to give the same presentations they gave during the last 20 years.

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