Feedly: Our Way Of Reading Online

Are you that kind of person that is reading a lot of web sites every day? If so, how do you read them – by simply saving them into your Favorites folder of your browser and going through all of them every day? In the last few weeks we noticed something at 356labs – a lot of our friends are doing that and we believe this is highly inefficient, so let us give a quick suggestion. You will thank us later.

Once upon a time, there was a really cool service that was called Google Reader. That service, however, was killed by Google not that long ago and so a lot of people had no alternative up until something that is called Feedly was launched. What Feedly helps you do is exactly what you are searching for if you are the type of person who likes reading all the time and reads from a lot of web sites/blogs. It’s a free service where you add all of the web sites that you follow(that is a one-time effort), you group them in categories in the way you like and from there it’s Feedly that takes care of monitoring all of those sites. What this means is that once you read everything that was just published and then you launch Feedly on the next day, you will see only what you missed – there is no need anymore to go to each and every site and check if there is a new article for you. Yes, it’s genius and yes, it will save you a ton of time! And OK, yes, the more tech crowd calls that RSS.

So here’s how my Feedly looks like:

Are you already building yours? If not – what are you waiting for? This is the end of this article. 

Let us know what you think and in case of any questions, please post them in the comments here!

Enjoy 😉

P.S. There is a Feedly mobile app for all major platforms (including Windows Phone), so you can read your favorite blogs even on your phone while waiting for the bus to arrive.

P.S. And if you are still wondering which sites to add to your list first, let us suggest you two – our funny Tumblr blog – Presentation Reactions (where, oh, by the way, you can also submit GIFs) and of course, this blog – the 356labs blog.