Helping Cleantech Bulgaria Startups Succeed

We are delighted to have the opportunity to help more startups achieve their goals. Because for another year we were invited to deliver customized workshops and individual consulting for the Cleantech Startups in Bulgaria.

Cleantech Bulgaria is a business network that focuses on clean technology, innovation and sustainable development. They bring together SMEs and large businesses, experts, NGOs, entrepreneurs, governmental and international institutions. Cleantech also helps develop startups who have the mission to create technologies and services which help the planet – that makes us even happier to be able to help.

Some of the Cleantech Bulgaria startups are just starting and some are already pitching clients like Hilton Hotels in NYC. Some of them are able to pitch all across Germany as part of another initiative that Cleantech offered. All of them are cool, have interesting ideas and really care and understand the importance of presentations (which makes our life so enjoyable).

We wish all the start-ups success and to never forget that in order for them to succeed in their journey, they have to prioritize how they present themselves because even the coolest idea on the planet won’t be enough if not pesented the right way.