Helping Grow the Next IT Trainers

Softuni is hands down the best place where young people in Bulgaria can learn how to become IT experts. I, myself, have delivered numerous trainings and opened seminars there and surely will continue to do so(stay tuned for updates on an event that’s upcoming!)

Today, I am happy to announce that I and the 356labs team will join forces with the team at Softuni in growing the next IT trainers. What are we going to do to make this happen? The answer is simple – a course that gives them everything they need (including a ton of practice) in order for them to become great trainers.

I am already looking forward to it and I am sure the students do too as the best ones will be offered a job in the university!

YouTube video

Update: We listened to 26 presentations. It took more than 6 hours, but it was so much fun! There were some quite good presentations, but the majority of them need some serious improvement in order to get to the level SoftUni requires.

Next step: Two of them – I will write a series of short posts here with each mistake from the first presentations and how it can be fixed and then on the 9th of March, I will share the stage with another great presenter – Viktor Balabanov –  to teach the future IT trainers what makes of a great presentation and how they can deliver such.