This is Verineia Codrean and we're starting with a bang to show you how to hook your audience from the first second.

“Hey, I should be listening to this!” This is what the people in your audience should think when they put down their smartphones after you nailed their attention.

Start with a bang! The number of people affected by your presentation depends on how much focus you’re getting as a presenter.

In this new episode, Boris and Verineia talk about ways to increase the impact of your presentation with different attention-grabbing techniques. It’s not uncommon for people to get easily distracted, but you should be looking for ways to adapt to each audience and find the key to their focus.

Who is Verinea? She is a public speaking coach that has been helping speakers for about 5 years. She owns a consulting company in Hong Kong that’s called Speech Architects.

Listen to the new episode and start trying out different attention grabbers for your next presentations to keep getting one step closer to truly effective and memorable talks.

To have a powerful presentation, you need to hook them from moment zero.

You can’t hope for your audience to start paying attention from the moment you start digging into the heart of your presentation. You don’t become a character after you hit the stage, you turn into the character you need to be before even going out.

If you don't give people a reason to be interested at the beginning, you already lost.

Most people don’t care about you as much as they care about what you’re talking about. The purpose why they’re giving you their time. So if they don’t get an instant reason to listen, chances they will begin at some point… are slim to none.

Set the tone and use your voice pitch.

The tone of your voice is the foundation of how your audience perceives you while you present. No matter how exciting or fantastic your presentation is, it’s not going to be perceived as a powerful talk if your voice doesn’t command a respecting presence.

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