Introducing season 2 of the World of Presentations Podcast by 356labs!

In episode 1 of the new season, we’re talking about what’s new in the presentation industry and how it’s about to change the way you’re designing and delivering your slides.

Boris and Iva are covering some of the biggest updates to Microsoft PowerPoint and what they mean for brands who rely on presentations for any purpose.

What's New and Upcoming in PowerPoint

Some brief overviews of how Microsoft is pushing forward for making PowerPoint more… well, powerful!

New feature: HEX colors

Microsoft are finally adding HEX colors to PowerPoint! Now it’s much easier for you to apply your brand’s color pallette to slides, elements, objects, shapes, text, and much more.

Improvement: SVG export

Next up is the improved SVG support that allows you not only to import but export individual objects from PowerPoint into an SVG format. A big advantage when you want to transfer objects and assets from one presentation to another.

Improvement: Design Ideas based on brand style

Improvements in Design Ideas will now generate actually usable slide layouts that have your brand style adapted. A huge boost for creating multiple slides much faster.

New feature: Real-time speech translation

Subtitles now available for presenters who want to translate their speech into the language of their current audience. Real-time translation of the presenter is shockingly accurate and breaks down language barriers between speakers and audiences!

New feature: AI Presenter Coach

The new AI-powered Presenter Coach in PowerPoint helps you polish your presentation by listening to your speech and watching if you’re too fast, read off slides, or use inappropriate words or phrases. Listen for more details!

Upcoming: Interactive Presentations

Soon you’re going to be able to get access to the presentation by scanning a QR code on your device, be able to view previous slides you may have missed, react and comment, and interact with presenters in ways that were only made possible by expensive 3rd party services until now. Stay tuned for this!

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