How Slidewise Can Help You with PowerPoint Productivity and What’s New in Version 1.5

Forget about not knowing your presentation’s ingredients, Slidewise will let you handle fonts and media in a snap! Now, for example, who wouldn’t like to change any fonts with the click of a button in the whole presentation?

But what is Slidewise in the first place? Slidewise is a powerful PowerPoint productivity add-in built by Neuxpower, which is renowned for creating NXPowerLite Desktop, a compression program that can downsize files that even Zip can’t.

In this article, we’re going to share with you more about this handy tool and also tell you about its latest 1.5 updates.

Is Slidewise a good fit for you? Keep reading and let’s see.

What is Slidewise?

Slidewise is an add-in that helps you clean up your presentations quickly by helping you spot issues that you might overlook and fix them with ease. It is perfect for editing and finalizing presentations.

It offers you a better insight into your documents by breaking down your PowerPoint presentation into its constituent parts and giving you more control over them. With Slidewise you easily check every asset in your presentation, from the images and video to the embedded objects, charts, audio, and then the fonts.

Several useful features built into Slidewise can assist you in identifying and resolving any issues with your presentation right away. Its user interface has evolved to become very intuitive, and one notable achievement is that Slidewise displays fonts that even PowerPoint does not list in its “Replace font” option. It expands and builds on that feature, making it hassle-free for you to change any font that you would need. It detects even the fonts used for your bullet point dots!

Screenshot of the Replace Font(s) option in Slidewise

Aside from replacing fonts, Slidewise also lets you replace multiple instance pictures while keeping the image crop format intact. A real timesaver. Then you can also export any media from your presentation, including any PNG or JPEG photos, videos, and so on, if you need to.

Additionally, you can quickly verify your external hyperlinks’ functionality or locate any empty placeholders and remove them. And what is also worth mentioning is that it lets you control font embedding easier and quickly unembed any fonts if, for example, you need to reduce file size.

Screenshot of the Unembed Fonts option in Slidewise

Talking about fonts, have you checked our resources for free fonts for your presentations?

What’s new in Slidewise 1.5

With Slidewise 1.5, the add-in has gotten a visual refresh and is made even simpler to navigate and use. The speaker notes and comments tabs are newly added features. The option to export the presentation’s comments makes it simple to reference feedback, for example.

The hidden content tab is also new, and it will allow you to view objects that would otherwise be difficult to notice, such as hidden slides or placeholders. Neuxpower says they want to include more forms of hidden content here in the future, such as off-slide shapes, so that you can clean up your presentations to the maximum when needed.

The Image Audit tab is updated as well. It scans your file for problematic images, and because it can take some time to complete, it has been made optional and is now off by default. It finds distorted images, scaled up too much or poorly compressed images, as well as images that are way higher in resolution than necessary. From this tab, you can jump to the affected images and edit or replace them easily.

Screenshot of the Export Media option in Slidewise

Exporting media is also newly available at all levels of the navigation tree in your document. You can export all the media in your presentation, all the media of a particular type, subtype, or individual media objects.

Trial restart with version 1.5

You can try Slidewise for 14 full days with their completely functional free trial. Then, if you decide to buy it, it is currently available at a one-off price of $48.00 or €39.00, before VAT.

Now what is fantastic is that everyone can re-try this new version 1.5, even if they have used up their trial period of 14 days before. You get an additional 14 days with version 1.5!

So, what do you think?

We, at 356labs, have been using Slidewise to tame stray fonts and manage any otherwise hidden issues in any PowerPoint documents for our clients since its first version, and it is becoming even more useful with its new updates. Slidewise is an easy-to-use add-in that will make your PowerPoint life simpler.

Overall, Slidewise is a good booster for PowerPoint productivity and is time-saving in managing different aspects of your presentations. However, if you do not deal with many assets of this type, you may get by without it.

Now, do you know how to replace all fonts at once in PowerPoint without Slidewise? Also, if you need to extract files from your PowerPoint presentation, there is a way as well.