How to Change the Size of Your Slides in Google Slides 

Very often you create a presentation that’s not meant to be delivered online or in person, but rather printed out or read as a document. For such cases you can still make the most of the presentation software you’re using and only tweak the size of the slides. 

Learn how to quickly change the size of your slides in Google Slides by following a few easy steps. 

Open the Google Slides presentation that you’d like to edit. 

Go to File > Page setup which will open for you a page setup dialogue where you’ll be able to select the size you want to go with.

Page setup in Google Slides

If the listed horizontal options are not what you need, then custom set the page size. For instance, you may want to create a poster or a readable document which is going to be printed. That’s where you need a vertical setup. 

Page setup options in G Slides

In the screenshot below we’ve custom set a regular A4 page (11 x 16 inches) which reads like a normal document.  

Vertical setup Google Slides

The benefit of creating a vertical page in Google Slides is that you can use the numerous presentation design options and add text, something that Google Docs are not very flexible at. 

So this is how you change the size of your presentation slides in Google Slides. Stay tuned for more presentation tips. Willing to switch from one tool to another? Feel free to check out our Resources page where you’ll find some presentation freebies to get you started.