How to Curve Text in PowerPoint 

Changing the shape of text in PowerPoint takes a couple of clicks and is one of the many fun things that you can do in the Microsoft presentation tool to make certain elements of your slides stand out. 

Today we’re going to show you how to curve text in PowerPoint and as a bonus tip – how to curve text in a circular shape using the Text effects tab from the Word Art Styles group in the Picture Format tool. 

So, let’s see how it’s done. 

Curve text in PowerPoint 

1. Open the PowerPoint presentation and go to the slide where you want to place curved text. 

2. Insert a Text box and write out your text.

3. Now that you’ve typed in the text, go to Shape Format > Text Effect and scroll down to the Transform option which will bring up another drop-down with more options to choose from. 

how to curve text in PowerPoint

Click Follow Path and choose one of the curve options there. 

Downward curve in PowerPoint

However, the default curve degree might not be what you’re looking for, so PowerPoint gives you its full arsenal of formatting options. You can now select your text and edit its size, colour or effect. Grab and move the yellow dot that appears on the shape borders and move it until you reach the desired curve. Use the curved arrow at the top of the text box to reposition your text. 

How to wrap text around a circular shape 

Now that you know how to bend a piece of text to a certain degree, you can also bend it even further to a complete circle following the same steps.  

This time from the Follow path options choose the circular shape. 

Bend text to a circular shape

The result is not exactly a circle, so you’ll need to do a bit of work. 

1. Make the text box an exact square because only within a square can you draw a perfect circle. You can adjust the size from the Size group.

how to curve text in PowerPoint

2. Now it’s time to play with the font size in order to get the text to complete the circle. Here we went from 20 to 72. 

Curve text to a circle

Here’s the result. Yeah, we also changed the text colour and edited the text to fit the desired image. 

Circular text around the Hubble telescope

This was our very basic guide on how to curve text in PowerPoint. Follow our blog for more tips and tricks and if you’re a PowerPoint fantatic, have a look at our free PowerPoint Tips and Tricks booklet to bring your presentation skills to another level.