How to Draw on Google Slides

Some presentations allow you to experiment with design more freely – you can come up with your own unique style and create slides that are more visually appealing. Drawing is a good way to achieve that. Not only can you create a deck that stands out, but you can also use the drawing tool for brainstorming sessions to capture the spontaneity and creativity of your team, or even for annotation. Thanks to presentation apps like Google Slides, the entire team can be involved, as real-time collaboration is one of the software’s most used features.  

This being said, let us show you how to draw on Google Slides. 

Can you draw in Google Slides and how? 

Google Slides allows you to do freehand drawings, using just the Scribble tool and the mouse. It doesn’t have to be complicated drawings, but simple free shapes that are excellent to catch your audience’s attention. Here’s how you can do this: 

Step #1. Open your Google Slides presentation and navigate to the slide where you need to add a drawing. 

Step #2. Click the Insert tab > Line > Scribble. 

Navigate to Line and then Scribble

Step #3. Use the mouse pointer (it turns into a + on your screen) and hold left click down to start drawing. When you’re finished drawing, release the mouse and that’s it.  

Make a freehand drawing on your slide using the mouse

Step #4. Let Google Slides automatically polish your drawing.  

Tip: Note that if you want a more polished look of your drawing, you can use the other tools from the Line dropdown menu. 

Can you edit the drawing? 

Now’s the time to express your creativity.  The shape you’ve drawn can be modified to your liking. First, you need to highlight it and start playing with the tools shown below. You can change the colour and line thicknesses to begin with.  

Edit the Google Slides drawing

Why not even change the style of the line? Use the Line weight tool right next to Line colour. On top of that, you can enlarge your doodle by dragging the corners of the border line. 

Note that you cannot use the Scribble tool on your phone, unlike the other Line tools.  

Now that you know how to draw in Google Slides, why don’t you just go ahead and give it a try? Especially if it’s not a high-stake presentation that you’re dealing with, you can start using it as highlighting technique.  

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