Introducing Juraj Holub! The Head of Communications at Slido. He's with us to talk about live audience interactions!

Attention is one of the most vital currencies in the exchange of information when you’re presenting in front of an audience. In this podcast episode, we’re talking about how to meaningfully connect with your audience and earn 100% of their focus.

Juraj Holub is the Head of Communications at Slido, the live polling, and Q&A tool for presentations. He’s an expert in finding the most engaging ways to put the audience in the spotlight and help them extract the most of your presentation.

Slido is one of the most effective ways to engage with your audience during a presentation with real-time questions, live polls, and Q&A sessions that can include all of your participants, not just a few.

It helps you earn people’s unwithered focus and attention throughout the entire presentation you’re delivering.

Listen to the new episode and learn more about how Slido can turn your presentations from regular to extraordinary.

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Slido can fit into your brand during any event.

The app can be customized so it perfectly blends with the styles of your brand so that your audience sees a complete presentation plus an interaction section while seeing a consistent visual hierarchy across the board.

The anonnimity is what makes the real difference.

Anyone can ask anything they want, no matter how sensitive the question is or whether you want to associate yourself with it. Slido removes any mental barriers and allows for a transparent conversation between the speaker and the audience whether it’s for a big conference or an internal company meeting.

It's not just interacting one way. Slido does it both ways!

The key to creating truly interactive presentations and engaging with audiences is when you turn the talk into a conversation. This means allowing two-way communication both from the audience to the speaker, as well as the other way around.

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