How to Importa Custom Quick Access Toolbar in PowerPoint

PowerPoint has a rich interface filled with features that enable you to design incredible slides for your presentations. But sometimes if you’re new to it or don’t have much time to learn all of the settings, you need to personalize your toolbar into something more user-friendly for you.

If you happened to download our free custom PowerPoint Quick Access Toolbar, or you found another one, we’ll show you how to import it in PowerPoint. It’s just a few simple steps so you can get started on your slide design quickly.

1. Customize the Ribbon

Right-click anywhere on your toolbar and click the Customize the Ribbon button.

2. Open the Quick Access Toolbar Settings

After clicking the Customize the Ribbon button, you’ll open the PowerPoint options panel. Once you’re there, click the Quick Access Toolbar in the menu on the right.

3. Import QAT File

You’ll see an Import/Export dropdown in the bottom left corner of the Quick Access Toolbar settings letting you upload your custom file. Click on Import customization file.

Find the file you downloaded here, unzip it on your device, and upload it. You also have a compatible file in case you’re using a Mac.

Congratulations! Your PowerPoint toolbar is now customized.

You can see the updated ribbon right away at the top of your PowerPoint interface. All of the most popular shortcuts and functionalities you need to start building awesome slides faster are right there.

In case you want to move it to a more comfortable place, simply right-click on the ribbon again, open the PowerPoint Options. Go to the QAT settings again and enable the checkbox called Show Quick Access Toolbar below the Ribbon.

Hit OK and you’ll see your new custom Quick Access Toolbar underneath the rest of the settings. Now you can start flying through your slides with a much faster and easier way to make the most of PowerPoint.

Time to Get Started

With your toolbar customized, you can now find the most used features and options most PowerPoint users need to design slides faster. This will help your overall productivity when building presentations, help reduce frustration and shorten the time you need to find the right settings to complete your goals.