Boris and Iva are here to help you boost the quality and engagement of your online presentations on every level!

In Part 1 you’ll be learning about the basics and some of the more advanced steps for you to bring the feeling of a real presentation to an online one.

You’ll learn about adapting your story and content to a virtual environment where talking to people and conveying your key message is quite different from speaking to people who are in the same room.

You’ll also learn about preparing and setting up your space in a way that allows your online audience to be able to focus on you and enjoy your presentation, instead of having distractions that will ruin the engagement.

Finally, we’ll talk about the technical part including gear, software, and backups that will be of significant value to you for getting your message across without a single issue.

How to adapt your story to online presentations and keep the audience engaged

Speaking to people in person or through a screen may seem pretty much the same. However, there are some key differences that might cost you the expected result of your presentation if you let them ruin your audience engagement.

It’s much easier to get distracted when your presentation is just one tab in the browser of people who are sitting at home with Facebook, YouTube, and their email fighting for their attention.

So, think about what you can do to make sure your audience stays engaged and focused on you!

How to prevent failures in your presentation or setup

Apart from turning off all notifications from your screen, there are lots of other steps to ensure a flawless online presentation delivery.

Also, hide your icons, hide your browser bookmarks, and everything that’s not related and doesn’t add value to your presentation must be chucked away.

But what you really have to think about is preparing all of the files and resources you’ll need for your delivery in a folder that’s instantly accessible during the presentation. This way you don’t force people to wait for you to locate a file.

The Instagramable background and environment setup

This is actually the most pleasant step of all! Pick a nice spot for your presentation so you have a nice background. What’s a good environment for an online presentation?

It’s a quiet room where you get enough natural light (if possible), with a background that’s not flat, nor is it too distracting. Your background should be pleasant to look at, but you should pop up as the presenter so the focus is on you.

What are the best tools to use for online presentations?

Yes, this is surely in the minds of a lot of people right now, but it’s not the most important thing. Whether you’re using Zoom, or any other tool for online presenting – the critical part is how well you know the features it has to offer.

Get familiar with your software before you start broadcasting your presentation so you know how to react to any situation that can possibly come up.

This is also valid for your external peripheries such as microphones, cameras, or any other devices you’re using as aids for your delivery. Get them ready and understand how to work with them before starting, not during your presentation.

Take your time to test everything

Have you tested your mic? The camera? Are you sure your internet connection is strong enough to support all of your files?

Yes, these are absolutely basic things, but you shouldn’t underestimate how easy it is to forget about them. Especially for presentations that are highly important for you – failing to deliver due to such failures will cause you lots of problems down the road.

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