How to Add a Link to a Canva Presentation 

So, you’re creating an online presentation and using Canva for this purpose? Great choice. It goes without saying you’ll need to add hyperlinks to some of your slides (in Canva they’re called pages)? You can do that fairly easily, just check out our simple guide on how to add a link to a Canva presentation. 

Add links to Canva

1. Log in on Canva and select the presentation design you want to edit. 

2. Click on the presentation slide (page) you want to edit and select the element (text box, graphic, video) you want to link. 

3. Go to the upper right corner where the chainlink 🔗 symbol is. Click on it and either type in the address you want to link to or choose a slide from the same design if you need to do internal linking. 

Adding a link to Canva

Tip: If you don’t see the link symbol, highlight the element you’re editing and click on the three dots that will appear at the centre of the screen. 

Adding a link to Canva

4. Click Enter and that’s it.

Ensure the links are clickable

There are two ways to make a link clickable on Canva. You’d either want to download the finished design as a pdf, or you should start presenting. There are two things to be mindful of, however. One, you cannot add a hyperlink to a .jpg or .png file and two, in the case of presenting, the links will only be clickable in the Presenter window. To indicate to your audience that there is a hyperlink on your slide, you can change the colour of the linked element. 

Adding a link to Canva

Check if the links work 

Of course, you need to make sure everything runs properly when inserting a link in your Canva presentation. To check hyperlinks, just highlight the linked element and click on the Link symbol again. If it shows the address, then you’re good. 

Done. You’re now ready to create your next Canva presentation and you know how to email it as a pdf file with hyperlinks. Drop us a comment if you have any questions. 

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