How to Make and Edit Tables in Google Slides 

Tables are one of the best ways to communicate data in a structured manner and are part of the daily tasks of everyone whose working style is data-led. If you don’t fuss about super sophisticated tables and are looking for a tool that’s brilliantly minimalistic, then you can create your table in Google Slides.  

Today’s article will show you how to make and edit tables in Google Slides with a few clicks. 

1. Insert a table into Google Slides

Open your Google Slides presentation and go to the slide you want to add a table to. 

Click Insert > Table. From the sidebar on the right, you can select the number of rows and columns you need. We went with a 3×4 table. 

Format tables in Google Slides

This is the default look of our table. Grab and drag the tiny dots shown below to customise the table size.  

Format tables in Google Slides

If you’re not happy with the number of rows and columns, you can easily insert more by right-clicking inside the table. There are some more options to experiment with to fine-tune the Slides object. 

Add rows in Google Slides tables

2. Edit a table in Google Slides

Just like most Google application, Slides is incredibly user friendly, and you can edit your tables with the help of a few tools. 

To change the color of selected rows, click the Fill color option in the tool bar. Select wisely as you want to stick to the presentation theme colours.  

Clicking on the table border will allow you to change the Border colour (the highlighter icon right next to Fill color). You can also change the width of the outline by the Border weight option, just as shown below: 

Google Slides table border width

You can also explore the customisation features by clicking Format > Format options > Size and rotation where you can get very specific with width and height. 

Format tables in Google Slides

As you can see, creating a table in Google Slides is a very straightforward process and you already know how to make and edit tables 

If you’re a data-viz fanatic, why not check out the super useful recording of charts and tables master Ann Emery from the Present to Succeed conference. She really has some nice tips to share with you when it comes to engaging data visualisations.