Time to talk about how to make online presentations more than just awkward, confusing, and distracting online calls.

Are you asked to present online? Maybe with the help of Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or why not even Cisco Webex?

If so, you probably already noticed that when your audience is not in front of you, the overall experience is a bit different. So what do you need to do and how do you need to adapt your presentation so that it is effective in that online environment?

In this episode, Boris and Iva share the most common mistakes and the tips & tricks that you can take home to go to the next level when preparing and delivering an online presentation no matter the platform you are using.

Get to know the tool for online meetings you're about to use.

Always get yourself familiar with the tool you’re about to use to present your projects or services online. No matter which platform you choose, you always need to find the major features of the software so you don’t need to do that during the online presentation and risk distracting and losing your audience.

Create clean and non-distracting environment.

Nobody cares about your browser bookmarks, desktop icons, or browser history. Even worse – they’re distracting your online viewers and can expose things you don’t want them to see. That can be either sensitive information, or purely signs of personal lack of organization.

Turn off all other tools & notifications.

You never want your audience to see a notification from your wife to go buy groceries. Make sure you don’t leave any room for distractions and interruptions appearing during your presentation because this has a huge impact on how your online audience will perceive you as a speaker and a professional.

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