How to Remove Animation from PowerPoint

Animation effects are a powerful way to engage audiences, especially if applied with purpose, but there’s a sad fact about them. They can add extra weight to your PowerPoint file and tend to lag when you deliver the presentation online. That’s why animation is among the first things that get removed when it’s time to present.  

Let us show you how to remove animation from PowerPoint and optimise the file size. Note that we always recommend working on a copy of the presentation when you’re learning new techniques. 

Remove animation effects from a single slide 

Say you want to delete the animation on one particular slide. When you open the PowerPoint presentation, you’ll see the animated slides marked with a little star, as shown below. 

Slides with animation effects are marked with a tiny star

Step #1. Go ahead and open the slide whose animation effects you want to remove. 

Step #2. Click Animations in the ribbon and then open the Animation pane 

Click Animations in the ribbon

Step #3. Click an object to see what effect has been applied to it. It will be highlighted in the Animation pane. 

See the animation effect in the Animation pane

Step #4. Now simply click the downward arrow to get the drop-down menu on your screen and click Remove. 

Click Remove to delete the animation effect

If you want to remove all animation effects on a slide, the select them holding the Ctrl key and follow the steps described above.  

Alternatively, select the animated objects, click the Animation tool in the ribbon and select None. This removes the animation completely from all selected objects. 

Remove all animation effects

Turn off animation from an entire presentation 

There’s no direct way to remove the animation effects from an entire presentation, but there’s a safe way to switch them off when presenting. 

To disable all animations in your presentation, open the Slide show tab and click Set up slide show. From the tab that will appear on your screen check Show without animation and finally click OK. That’s it. Remember, this will not delete the animation, it will only hide it from view while you deliver the presentation. 

This was our very simple guide on how to remove animation from PowerPoint presentations. Take it from us, you don’t have to add animation to your slides to make them stand out from the crowd, so think twice before you resort to it. In the meantime, get to know our free e-book PowerPoint Tips and Tricks to see how you can build and edit presentations faster.