How to Save a Google Slides Presentation

Even though Google Slides is perfect for real-time collaboration and saves your work automatically, sometimes you need to share your Google Slides presentation with someone else or simply need a copy that you can work on later.  

The Google-owned presentation software allows you to do that. Let us show you how to save Google Slides presentations and then you’ll be able to easily export your file to a number of available formats. 

Let’s start by clarifying that at the time of writing there are seven Download options in Google Slides:

– PowerPoint file (.pptx)
– ODP document (.odp)
– PDF file (.pdf)
– plain text (.ptx)
– JPEG, MPG, or current vector graphic file (.jpg, .mpg and .cvg) that only save the current slide you’re at.

It’s up to you to choose the one you need (of course, you should have the right software to open the downloaded file). 

How to download Google Slides presentations

The process is identical with each format you choose.  

1. Open the presentation, click File > Download. 

2. From the dropdown menu choose one of the given download options. 

Download google slides in 1 of 7 options

3. Find the file in the Downloads folder on your computer.

4. Open the file with the programme of your choice. Here we downloaded the Google Slides deck as a .pptx file.  

Google Slides downloaded as a ppt file

Tip: Before you continue, remember to double check for some specific things like fonts, animations, transitions etc., that tend to break when you export between different presentation tools. Learn more from our article, How to Open PowerPoint Presentations in Google Slides. 

So, now you know how to download your Google Slides presentation in a range of formats – from a series of pictures (.jpg, .png, cvg) to a full-scale PowerPoint presentation. You can now access your presentation even when you’re not logged in to your Google account. 

If you’re using Google Slides daily, then make sure you follow our blog for more tips for using the tool.