How to Save a Slide as an Image in Google Slides 

In our how-to series dedicated to Google Slides we’re trying to provide you with simple answers to your questions, so that you can increase your productivity. This article is no exception. Read on if you want to know how to save a slide as an image in Google Slides. 

Why would you want to save your slides as pictures in the first place? Maybe you want to copy and paste a visualisation into Google Sheets or Docs? Or you don’t own the presentation, but still want to be able to take a look at some of the slides later. Whatever the case, you can easily save a slide as an image and you can approach that in a couple of ways, depending on your needs. 

Let us show you how to save an individual slide as an image in Google Slides: 

1. Open the presentation and then go to the slides menu on the left.  

2. Select the slide you want to save as a picture. 

3. Go to File > Download 

From the drop-down menu select any of the three options at the bottom – JPEG, PNG or scalable vector graphics. 

Save slides as pictures

You’ll find your saved picture in Downloads on your computer.  

Note that if you choose to download the file as .pdf this will automatically save your entire presentation file, not just the one selected. 

We hope you found this useful. Remember that you can always make a screenshot of the current slide and use it as a .png file, but this will compromise the quality of the picture.  

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