How to Use Google Slides on Your Phone 

Very often our daily work life requires us to be more flexible in the ways we communicate and do presentations, especially with the rise of hybrid work in the past few years. No wonder more and more people run a big part of their meetings via mobile apps, greatly reducing their time for live presentations. The reason is simple – presentations are comms pieces that can be easily created, accessed, and shared on mobile.  

Google Slides checks all of the above. Since real-time collaborative editing is one of its best features, Slides is a popular tool when it comes to quickly exchanging simply designed presentations that require little to no effort, you only need to sign in with your Google account.  

We know it’s unlikely that you start making a presentation from scratch on your mobile (which is totally fine if you must), but let’s see how you can use Google Slides on your phone so that your work efficiency doesn’t go down. 

1. Use Slides to view, review and edit presentations from your phone 

You can easily open a Google Slides presentation through your phone, regardless of the operation system. Just make sure you download the app from the app store available to you and sign in into your Google account. From here you can create a new presentation, choose from a range of templates or open one via a shared link. 

Open a new presentation in Google Slides

The mobile editing options are a bit more limited than those in the browser version, but are still very usable, especially when you have to quickly make changes to a slide when you’re on the go. Edit a text box, change slide or theme colour, play around with text formatting options – you can do it all, just tap the A symbol as shown below: 

Editing options in Google Slides mobile

2. Run Slides presentations from your phone 

Google are famous for the high usability of their applications and Slides is no exception. Open the deck you’re willing to present and click the play symbol () on the top. This opens a menu where you can choose how you want to present. The cool thing is you can use your fingers to highlight, draw, erase and swipe left or right to change slides while presenting. 

Presenting on Google Slides Mobile

3. Import and export different file formats from your phone 

Using Google Slides from your phone allows you to import and work with different file formats, like PowerPoint for instance. To do that go to Google Drive, click the plus (+) sign at the bottom right corner and upload the file you want to open with Google Slides.  

Upload a presentation in Google Slides mobile

To export your Slides presentation, click the three dots at the top right corner of the screen, select Share and export and then choose the Save as PowerPoint (pptx) option. 

Save and export in Google Slides mobile

4. Share a Slides presentation from your phone 

Easily share your presentation with other people simply by clicking the share option that you can see on the above picture. You can decide if they can view, edit, or comment on them. 

Google Slides is an excellent presentation tool for everybody who’s often away from their desk and has to access or run presentations on the move. Hopefully this article has convinced you that in many cases you can create a deck from anywhere as long as you log in with your Google account. If you’re using Google Slides on a daily basis, make sure you pop into our blog every now and then where you’ll find extensive information on anything Slides.  

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