How to Use Speaker Notes in Google Slides

Presentation notes are helpful for so many reasons: they let you stay organised and on track of your content, they remind you of the key points you need to cover and are great for future reference.

Since we’ve already covered how to add and print out notes in PowerPoint, we thought we could show you how to use speaker notes in Google Slides.

How to add speaker notes in Google Slides

Adding notes in Slides is fairly easy. You open the presentation and go to the Notes pane right underneath the primary slide area.

If you don’t see it right away, it may be tucked away under the slide, so you need to click the three dots and expand the Notes pane. Dragging them up and down will change the size of the notes area, so don’t worry if you need to add more text.

To access the Notes pane you can also go to View > Show speaker notes.

Find the Notes pane by dragging the three dots

Now type in your notes. The cool thing here is that you can format them. Just select the whole text or parts of it and edit it like you would a normal text document.

Format your notes in Google Slides

How to print speaker notes in Google Slides

Printing out your Slides presentation as a handout you want to share with your audience is again different from what you might know from PowerPoint.

To print Slides with notes, go to View > Print preview. Now make sure that you click 1 Slide with notes in the Preview ribbon.

A picture of your slide will appear on the screen, and you should see your notes right underneath.

Print view of notes in Google Slides

If that’s the effect you’re after, click Print. That’s it.

How to access speaker notes when presenting in Google Slides

Displaying the notes while presenting is possible in Google Slides, but you’ll need a second screen.

Let’s see how it works step by step.

Step #1. From the Slideshow dropdown select either Presenter, or Present from beginning.

Open notes in slideshow
To open your notes in Slideshow, click the dots and then Open speaker notes.

Step #2. Your notes will appear in a separate window that you can move and resize.

Move or resize your notes

Step #3. You can use the arrow keys to move between slides or simply click Previous and Next. You also have a timer running and you can zoom in and out the content of your notes.

Step #4. When you’re finished, press the Esc key.

Knowing how to use speaker notes in Google Slides is like a cheat sheet that you’ll always have at your disposal. You can keep an eye at the content of your presentation without missing out any key points. Remember, it’s mainly for key points, so don’t be tempted to read out from the notes (after all the people are there to hear you speak and not read).

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