How to Use the New Cameo Feature in PowerPoint

What is the new PowerPoint Cameo feature? How can you use it to your advantage? Let’s talk about this wonderful new feature that PowerPoint announced last month and is in the process of rolling out.

We will answer:
What is PowerPoint cameo?
Where can you find PowerPoint cameo?
Why is PowerPoint cameo not showing, or when will PowerPoint cameo be released to everyone?

What is PowerPoint Cameo?

PowerPoint cameo is a new feature that allows you to embed your camera feed straight inside any of your slides. You may also use the same effects on the camera feed that you would on images or other objects. For example, inside the slide, you may format the shape, apply transitions, and add styles to your camera feed.

Where can I find PowerPoint Cameo?

Cameo is still in the process of rolling out to all PowerPoint users in the upcoming months. It is available for Microsoft 365 subscribers who have joined the Office Insider program for now. To get it, make sure that you have the latest version of Microsoft Office, and it will show up to you as well in a few months.

All you need is to have an integrated or external camera connected to your device. You also must have granted camera permissions to PowerPoint on your device.

How does PowerPoint Cameo work?

1. In PowerPoint, select Insert > Cameo.

Screenshot of where PowerPoint Cameo button is located

2. To turn your camera feed on and off, simply click at the left bottom part of the camera feed object. You can also toggle that on and off in the Camera tab, by using the Preview button.

Screenshot of how to turn on and off PowerPoint Cameo live video feed

3. To change from which camera your feed comes from, use the Camera tab and select from the dropdown of the Preview button.

Sscreenshot of PowerPoint Cameo feature Preview button and Camera tab

4. You can play around with the design of your slide by using the Camera tab and applying different shapes and styles to your cameo camera feed object, as we show below. You can also add transitions to the object as you would with any other object, including Morph.

Sscreenshot of PowerPoint Cameo feature circle video feed

5. You can also use Design Ideas from the Design tab to choose from different slide designs for your slide’s content.

This is it

So that’s how you can use the PowerPoint cameo feature. A lot of people do not know about it yet or wonder how it can be used, which we answered for you here.

Let us know if you had any difficulties with the how-to or have further questions in the comments! We will address any as soon as we can.