How to Add Voiceover to Canva Presentations

You often need to make your presentation as engaging as possible and for that reason resort to adding different kinds of media files to the slides. Canva presentations are no exception and if you ever wondered if you can add voiceover to your design, you totally can. 

Maybe you need to send your presentation via email, but still want the audience to be able to hear you talk about your ideas? Worry not, there are two ways to add voiceover to Canva presentations and you’re just with the right people to show you how.  

Choose between a pre-recorded audio file or using the Record yourself option. 

Upload a recording to a slideshow  

Let’s assume you’ve already finished designing the Canva presentation and only one thing’s remained to be done, adding the voiceover.  

Annoyingly, you can add only one audio file to a presentation, so you need to work around that unless you want the same audio to start over at each of your slides. That’s why we suggest you made a video recording of the Canva presentation. 

Let’s break up the steps to adding a pre-recorded voiceover to your Canva presentation. 

1. Make sure you save a video of your Canva presentation.  

2. Record yourself on any app of your preference. You may want to make the recording while watching the slideshow, as this will ensure congruence between speech and sound and spare you too much editing in the post-production stage. Save recording as an .mp4 file.  

3. Return to the Canva homepage and from the blue banner at the top click Video and then select the Slideshow video option. 

4. Now from the black toolbar go to Projects and select the presentation video that you’ll be adding voiceover to. 

Adding voiceover in Canva

5. Start populating each Canva page with presentation slides from the slideshow video, as shown below. 

Adding voiceover in Canva

6. Now it’s time to upload your voiceover recording into Canva via Uploads > Upload media. 

7. Drag and drop the recording into the slideshow timeline and start editing  

Adding voiceover in Canva

This method of adding a recording will allow you to edit the pace (use the black slider to adjust the timing of each slide), adjust the volume (use the three dots for all editing options) and even add music which would run simultaneously with the voiceover. Amazing, huh? 

Use the Canva Recording studio 

The other (and maybe easier) way to approach voiceovers in Canva presentations is to record yourself straight into the presentation.  

Tip: If you’re not an experienced presenter, do make use of the Notes feature where you can add your queues for each slide and avoid awkward erm’s and pauses when start recording. It’s similar to the Teleprompter tool in PowerPoint and you’ll be able to see the notes when you hit the Record button. 

Adding voiceover in Canva

This is the inside of the recording studio. At the upper right corner of the page, you can adjust the camera and mic settings. When you’re ready, press the red button to start the recording.  

You can control the pace easily by simply pressing the pause button, as shown below. 

Adding voiceover in Canva

Once you’re ready, click Done and then Save and edit from the top right tab. 

This is how your Canva presentation with a voiceover will appear on your screen. If you want to test it, enter Present mode. 

Adding voiceover in Canva

You can also approach the recording studio from the Present and record button: 

Adding voiceover in Canva

This will again take you to the Recording studio. You can see your notes on the right side and pause and end whenever you’re ready. 

Adding voiceover in Canva

Once you’re done, you can download the presentation and share it with your team. 

Adding voiceover in Canva

To access your recording, you’ll have to go back to your Canva project, click Share > Present and record again and you’ll see your latest recording with sharable link. It will stay there until you remove it. 

Adding voiceover in Canva

Narrating your presentation will increase the impact of your message and may prove to be even more engaging, especially for audience members who are not looking at the slides. Now that you’re familiar with the two easiest ways to add voiceover to a Canva presentation, which one do you prefer? Do check them out and let us know what you think in the comments section below.