How to "Wow" Your Audience with Interactive Presentations

Presentations are taking a turn for the better and embarking on a new standard. PowerPoint is announcing Live Presentations and people are working on new ways to turn ordinary slides into interactive conversations.

Apps like Mentimeter let your presentations turn people’s opinions into real-time tangible data that drives your story forward.

How? By taking your PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, or Google Slides files and letting you run interactive presentations to bridge the gap between you and the audience.

What makes interactive presentations so engaging?

The short and simple answer is attention at scale. When you get everyone’s attention focused on you, this means that you’re engaging people on a mental and emotional level.

1. Participation

On one hand, you’ve got ordinary presentations where people just sit down, listen, and take notes. That’s fine, but audience participation is limited to just a few questions from a few people.

On the other hand, you can have a two-way conversation with your entire audience taking part in the topic you’re presenting by submitting questions, voting, or taking quizzes. This way, it’s not you who is driving the direction of the discussion, it’s your audience.

⚡ Example

Imagine you’re presenting about new software that’s revolutionizing the way people manage payments. Find out the exact interests of your audience by asking them to submit specific questions using their smartphones.

This way you can sort through the most common ones and solve multiple people’s financial pain points, instead of just one person who raised a hand.

? Key Takeaway

The most effective way of learning is by doing. By participating, each member of your audience is getting the most out of your presentation by having taken part in the subject. And this is something your audience will remember much more than an ordinary set of slides.

2. Challenge

People always love fun a challenge, especially when competing with peers. By running polls and creating quizzes, you give your audience a way to test their knowledge on the topic.

Imagine you’re the only presenter at the event who actually invites the audience to a showdown of skills and knowledge that sharpens their minds and captures 100% of their focus and attention.

⚡ Example

If you’re presenting about new company training, you can run a poll asking your teams about their favorite training events so far. Or a quiz asking them what they think are the most popular training subjects among participants.

? Key Takeaway

Even if they don’t get it all right it still means they learned something new and useful for their niche from your talk by engaging with it. Another memory that lasts longer than any standard presentation.

3. Conversation

By taking part in your presentation, your audience feels much closer to you, the speaker. By letting people engage in active conversation with you, you turn the presentation into a two-way discussion that is as personal to your entire audience as possible.

Anxiety is a common challenge for people at presentations who want to find out more, but they’re afraid to raise a hand. An interactive presentation allows people to submit questions and votes anonymously using their smartphones.

⚡ Example

You’re attending a presentation at a sales conference and you passionately want to weigh in on a question coming from the speaker. But you don’t get the chance because you’re overwhelmed by the crowd or the fear of being judged.

Now imagine you can simply send your question to the speaker anonymously via your smartphone or vote on a poll to express your opinion on the matter effectively. That’s what we want, right?

? Key Takeaway

Apps like Mentimeter enable both the audience and the speakers to eliminate the barriers between them and engage in a productive discussion around a hot topic that both sides are passionate about.

How to make your presentations interactive?

Mentimeter is a simple to use interactive presentation tool where you can easily import your slides from PowerPoint or any other tool and start capturing more attention.

All you have to do to put Mentimeter to action is to create a question you want to ask your audience and hit Present. The only thing your audience has to do is enter the presentation code in their smartphones and submit their answers.

This way, Mentimeter gives you unbiased results that are beautifully visualized in a way that sparks discussion and turns an ordinary presentation into an interactive two-way conversation with your audience.

What can you do with Mentimeter?

There are many ways you can impress your audience with interactive presentations. Mentimeter allows you to take it from the conference room to the big stage.

Captivate large audiences

Use Mentimeter to hone into what your audience is thinking and saying. Host your conference, lecture, webinar, or any kind of live event where you need to interact with a large number of people.

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Engage teammates at meetings

Turn boring and ineffective meetings into impactful interactions with your teams. Make actual decisions based on voting and Q&A sessions that bring up new ideas and action plans.

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Make learning fun

Become more than just a teacher with Mentimeter’s quiz features that turn educational presentations into fun & engaging challenges.

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Turn the spotlight to your audience

If you’re looking for new ways to engage an audience of any size, then Mentimeter can be your best way to turn your presentation into a memorable event. Stay in the loop as we dive deeper into how you can use the app to give your audience the interactive presentations they actually want to be part of!