How to Wrap Text in Google Slides

As with PowerPoint, there’s no direct way to wrap text in Google Slides. And while it is true that written content may not be the focus in a presentation, knowing how to wrap text in Google Slides can help you create polished business documents. Just think about those investor deck PDF’s that you send via email when you pitch your ideas. You simply need to master the balance between text and imagery.
This is why, we’re going to show you how you can achieve that balance with a simple workaround method to wrap text around a picture in Slides.

To wrap text around an image in Google Slides you need to play around with multiple text boxes and arrange them around the image. Look at the steps below.

Step #1. Open your Google Slides presentation and insert an image. From the Navigation bar, click Insert > Image and choose one of the options from the dropdown.

Insert an image to wrap text around

Step #2. Resize and move the image to the wanted position.

Move and resize your image

Step #3. Insert a text box next to your image and enter the content you’ll be wrapping around the image.

Insert a new text box
Initially, your text will look like this – a block of words. No worries, you can format it later.

Step #4. Cut a part of the text that can stand on its own and prepare to insert another text box wherein you’ll place the paragraph in question.

Cut only a part of the text that can stand on its own

Step #5. Now that you’ve got the amount of text boxes you need to distribute the content, you can arranging the objects on the slides.

Step #6. Make sure you click Justify in the Alignment options to imitate the text-wrapping effect.

Justify text

Step #7. Finally, fine-tune the visual hierarchy of your slide. Feel free to use as many text boxes as you need to insert your text (but don’t overdo it)!

That’s it.

Now that you know how to wrap text in Google Slides, you can explore the different alignment options and create beautifully organised and well-structured presentations. You can also change the font, the background and add more images. You’ll find detailed information about all of those on our blog where we cover anything presentations-related. Got questions? Let us know in the comments below.