How We Built Our First Presentation

Recently we built our first presentation with a tool called Pitch – a platform unifying the entire workflow of presenting, so teams can go from draft to deck in no time. And as of today, they announced a new ecosystem for publishing and exchanging presentations with a gallery that features world-class presentations on topics like fundraising, hiring, marketing, design, and more.

And our own presentation got featured inside this gallery. It’s about presenting virtually, and it shows 7 practical tips on how to stand out in a sea of mediocre, boring, and just plain lazy presenters. When we created it, we had in mind all the business professionals out there who want to become better at online presentations. Find out more about why we think it’s important and how we made it.

The importance of virtual presentations

Nowadays, countless sales pitches, training sessions, and many other types of presentations are delivered online. And in many cases, virtual presentations deliver the desired impact at a fraction of the financial cost of traditional presenting.

Many people believe that online presentations are much easier, but they are not; they have different characteristics than live presentations, and it’s essential to master those in order to communicate successfully.

And because having the skills for presenting virtually are so crucial, we focused our first Pitch presentation on them. We prepared 7 practical tips on becoming better at online presentations.

Andy, our storyteller, is the person who has worked on the Pitch presentation. He also worked on our newest eBook on this very same topic – Presenting Virtually: A Complete Guide to Online Presentations for Business Professionals. So we decided he’s the right guy to ask why it’s crucial to have online presenting skills: “There are quite a lot of differences between online and offline communication. The lack of understanding about that can negatively affect our virtual behavior and, therefore, our ability to attain our communication goals.”

Asked about why virtual presentations are important, he added: “The world has gone digital and virtual presentations are a huge part of this transition. Whether you’re attending a weekly meeting with coworkers or you’re presenting to potential investors, virtual presentations are here to stay. So it’s essential to start improving your virtual presenting skills.”

Our work process

Our presentation’s content comes from our now years-long experience as a presentation agency. The final presentation was the result of the collaboration between our storyteller, Andrea-Franco Candela, and our art director, Dessy Duleva.

Andrea-Franco Candela, Storyteller at 356labs

Andy, pictured above, shared his side: “I worked with the content that Iva and Bobby, our co-founders, gathered during their years in the presentation industry, and then I wrote the new bits to create the e-book, Presenting Virtually, on which the presentation is based. Presenting Virtually is a product of the efforts of many 356labs team members and is also the result of many years of experience in the world of presentations – from consulting work and presentation skills trainings to storytelling, design, and virtual events management.”

When asked about what the most important of all the practical tips was, both Dessy and Andy agreed that it is tip number 1 – appreciate your audience’s time.

Last, Andy shared why he thinks that this presentation should be seen: “We all want to be better presenters, and sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. Online presentations: 7 practical tips is a good place to start.”

What Pitch is about

Pitch is collaborative presentation software for modern teams, as they describe it. They’ve been focusing on developing a fast and pleasant experience for collaboration and sharing engaging and powerful presentations since its foundation in 2018. They release new features regularly, which makes their product even more attractive for people to use.

As of today, Pitch is also announcing a new experience, an environment for publishing and exchanging presentations. It aims to unify the workflow of presenting with what comes after that. That new feature takes the shape of a presentation gallery with world-class presentations on marketing, design, fundraising, recruiting, and others.

We had the honor of being one of the first creators to experience this functionality and be featured in the presentation gallery. This new feature that Pitch is now offering is a great way to broaden your digital reach by creating a creator profile and showcasing your latest work.

We asked Andy how he would explain Pitch with a couple of phrases after working with it, and he said: “Collaboration tool for creatives and presenters who give a damn.”

Check out the presentation itself