How We Used Hopin to Build Our Present To Succeed Virtual Conference

If you were one of the 3,000+ attendees at Present to Succeed 2021, you already know that our platform of choice was Hopin. If you couldn’t become part of the event, you can always watch the Session Recordings. And if this is your first time hearing about our presentation skills conference, firstly – Whaaat? And secondly – you should go straight to the website of the 2022 edition and learn more about it.

Why did we get hooked on Hopin

So, why did we decide to go with this platform in particular? After extensive research and checking several other options, the main thing that drew us to Hopin was the platform’s impressive customization capabilities. That allowed us to achieve the premium look we wanted for our conference and to provide our audience with a hard-to-match experience. Because only such an experience was representative of the world-renowned speakers that the Present to Succeed virtual stage was gathering. And also, for our partners, global names such as Microsoft, Adobe, and Canva.

A wide angle view of Boris Hristov and the Launchee space during Present to Succeed 2021

We like it custom

Of course, less equals more. So, our first step was to disable all the platform parts we didn’t need. This way, we made the navigation for the attendees easy and simple. It really came as no surprise that one of the top comments in the attendee feedback was that everything was effortless to navigate.

Then our design team created backgrounds and designs for every part of the platform – the stages, the expo area, and the sponsorship booths. All our sponsors received custom visuals made by us. This allowed them to achieve results they hardly see on other online events.

For example, Canva managed to secure over 2,000 leads at our conference. Yeah, you read that right, 2,000. If this figure sounds good for your brand, you can go and check out the sponsorship packages for Present to Succeed 2022 now.

If you have already had experiences with other virtual events, we can imagine they didn’t provide you with the best outcome. And by that, we mean that maybe you got 0 leads out of them. But we handle our event entirely differently, and we have the numbers to prove it.

A woman sitting on the ground in front of a laptop, on its screen is the Hopin platform and Present to Succeed 2021 hosts

Next level audience engagement

Everyone knows how important it is for any event to be engaging for its attendees. And that’s even more so for a virtual conference where audience members are scattered all around the world. Sitting in their living rooms, for example, surrounded by distractions, aka their pets, the TV, dirty dishes.

Enter Hopin’s features that are designed precisely with that in mind. Together with our speakers, we took full advantage of the Q&As, and our polls achieved up to 80% of engagement rates. During the breaks, attendees, speakers, and sponsors mingled through the one-on-one and group-video networking features.

A big screen showing Boris Hristov while hosting the Present to Succeed 2021 Conference

Overachieving is our favorite

We know you want to see the numbers now, and here they are. At first, we were aiming for 1,000 attendees. In the end, we got 3,200 people from 53 countries, the sessions had 1,000+ attendees on average, and our Net Promotion Score got to 9.1. People appreciated the content, the design, and the simple navigation.

The whole journey of creating the biggest presentation skills conference in the world provided us with precious insights and expertise that we have already started implementing in our Virtual & Hybrid Events Services. Stay tuned – soon, we’ll tell you all about our first client event. Until then, you can check what we offer here.

And back to Present to Succeed. We’re happy to say that Hopin played a significant role in our event and enabled us to achieve those great results. The platform didn’t let us down at any given moment, sparing us all kinds of crashes and tech glitches that often occur during other virtual events.

Boris Hristov and Iva Nachkova hosting the Present to Succeed 2021 Edition

All this only goes to show that we made the right choice with Hopin. That’s why for Present to Succeed 2022 we are hosting our conference on this platform again. Of course, the plan is to achieve even more outstanding results together. Just wait and see for yourself. We hope you’ll join us and experience our conference for yourself.

Do you want to hear the whole story from our founder, Boris Hristov? Just press play on the video that we prepared together with Hopin and learn all the details about how we used the platform.

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