Do you remember the first time you got a task to do a presentation at work? And do you recall the reactions of your public? Our friends from Escreo believe that requirements for establishing and maintaining a successful presentation nowadays are far more complex than ever before. And we agree cannot do anything else, but to agree with them. From its “birth” the good idea has a complicated path ahead, which aims not to lose its original potential.

Presentation consists of various activities from maintaining a dialogue with your audience through constructing an interesting content, which engages the listener with visual materials, to the careful monitoring in the Q&A section.

The body language, the voice pitch, the statement of the idea and its development in the presentation – all consistent with the interests of your audience. Successful communicating of your thoughts is built around this core.

The preliminary preparation is the most important aspect when structuring and introducing your presentation to the public. You go through a personal or team process of brainstorming, accept or reject ideas, develop different thesis and carefully explore your audience’s interests and … you write everything down. In order to create a working structure, everything has to be visual at first.

And why not instead of using a piece of paper or the traditional whiteboard, you choose to imagine the whole thing on a wall?

— Christopher Morley

More and more offices chose to modernize and recreate their spaces, so they offer their employees the atmosphere, which promotes various activities. Halls and rooms, arranged by colour are a mandatory element of the creative process of whole departments and their teams. And here we ask the following question – why does writing on nonstandart surfaces actually improve your presentation skills?

The answer is one – creativity, creativity and creativity again. The colours of Escreo – a company that turned the whiteboard paint into a fun alternative for any office – cover all surfaces and provide perfect conditions for stimulating the creative process. The Magic paint becomes a major tool for organizing the group ‘brainstorming’, which sets out the basic ideas, around which the teams then develop the most interactive and therefore successful presentations. Any smooth surface can offer creativity anywhere. The original arrangement of the interior helps achieving a certain climate in the workspace and influence productivity appreciably. The office becomes the center of imagination and sharing and let’s face it –  for once it’s working for you instead of the other way around. Such wallsare used very often in presentations because they attract attention, intrigue the audience and allow the listener the interactivity he needs. It appears as salvation from the boring, meaningless presentations that leave you with a sense of wasted time and frustration of not getting the chance to learn something new and fresh.