The most important and basic steps you need to take before a vital presentation to ensure flawless performance.

What can go wrong when you are about to deliver a presentation in front of a live audience?

Well, this episode will teach you exactly that! Together with Iva, we are sharing a ton of presentation wisdom based on our experience with both our clients and our own presentations.

What can go wrong and how to prepare and plan for it?

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Prepare your tech & gear for presenting

All the connectors, cables, USB types, chargers, and projector are simple tools and you need to be prepared that you have all you need to make sure everything is connected.

Get there early and test everything.

Get to the spot earlier so you can test your environment because the cables are one of the first things that can fail. With one less thing to worry about you’re one step ahead in controlling your stage fright.

Make sure you check the internet connection.

Having access and a reliably running network connection is more or less crucial for any presentation, so be sure to check if the network connection in the venue is on your side.

Listen to the full episode!