So let’s say that you started the journey – you read our post in which we showed you where you can download incredible fonts for your presentations and now you found one that you believe is the one you are going to use for your next talk. How do you install that font? How do you… make it work?

It doesn’t really matter what machine you are using – a PC or a Mac. Installing a font is a very simple exercise. Once you download the font(or you are just provided with it via email or some other way), what you will have on your hard drive is a .zip, a .ttf or an .otf file. If you have the latter two – you are almost done. If you are seeing a .zip file, then you need one additional step in order to install the font – to unzip the archive because inside of it is the font itself. From here you have a few choices:

Windows Machine:

  1. Double click on the font file and then hit the Install button or
  2. Go open the Fonts in Control Panel and just copy -> paste the font in there.


  1. Double click on the font file and then click the Install Font button or
  2. Go to the Font Book and choose the Add Fonts option from the File Menu, locate the font and click Open.

How to install a font?

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, download a font that you like, install it and start using it for your next presentation! In the next post we will share a very nifty technique how to install multiple fonts with just one click 😉