We promised that will bring the world of presentations into our blog and here we go. I asked my friends from TeamSlide(a software you need to know about) for an interview and they were happy to answer some of my questions. Enjoy reading!


Why did you create TeamSlide?

As former consultants, my co-founder, Claudius, and I have first hand experience essentially living in PowerPoint. We created slides on an hourly basis for all sorts of projects. Over time, we noticed several gaps that lead to significant losses in productivity.

For example, when building presentations, it’s useful to leverage existing work like templates, project summaries or frameworks. However, finding these slides took an enormous amount of time and effort as we scoured our content systems, emailed or IM’d colleagues, and flipped through multiple decks. And often, we couldn’t find the slide or found an old version which resulted in recreating content in a rush.

TeamSlide, our slide library solution, was born out of this need. TeamSlide helps keeps all your content organized and allows you to access it from within PowerPoint. With TeamSlide you can have your organization’s knowledge at your fingertips.

Can everyone use the software? Who is its main audience?
Really anybody that uses PowerPoint on a regular basis can use TeamSlide. We have a broad range of customers that reflects this. Single users or small teams can easily store and manage frequently used slides, PowerPoint objects, or visual content in a slide library. Mid-sized groups and large organizations can designate employees to curate content or they can connect TeamSlide to their content repositories making all their presentations slide searchable. Our customers include consulting firms (global and boutique), financial institutions, strategy groups, and sales/marketing teams. At the end of the day, anybody looking to ensure their team has seamless access to their PowerPoint content can benefit from TeamSlide.

In general, how does TeamSlide work? Can you give us a quick, little overview?
TeamSlide has three main components. The server is brains of the operations as it stores the content, manages metadata and runs the underlying intelligent search capabilities that rapidly respond to requests. The PowerPoint add-in is the primary interface and allows you to find and insert slides from within PowerPoint in literally two clicks. Through the add-in you can get more information about a slide and ensure you have the latest version.  And finally, a web application, which is accessed through your browser, is used to manage the setup including adding users, defining permissions, and controlling various settings.

What are the results your customers are seeing after using TeamSlide? What are they saying?
The best part of the job is working with customers and watching how TeamSlide improves their work on a daily basis. We often get unsolicited feedback from our customers telling us how TeamSlide is saving them time and driving productivity. Instead of using a complex old content system or rummaging through a shared drive, they have instant access to the content they need. When we run customer surveys the results are overwhelmingly positive as users point to the productivity gains and are very willing to recommend TeamSlide to their colleagues.

What’s coming up next? What can we expect from TeamSlide in the upcoming months/years?
On a regular basis we connect with our customer to understand how TeamSlide can better help and use their feedback to focus our development pipeline. As such, we release improvements on a regular basis. Over the next 6 months we are focused on 3 primary areas: search relevancy, PowerPoint presentation management, interface capabilities. As we use a subscription model, our customers get access to new features as soon as they are ready and many also participate in our beta testing phase.


So I hope you enjoyed learning about TeamSlide and I want to assure you that you are about to see a lot more and interesting things related to their product coming up soon here.

Stay tuned!