Luke Goetting is an award-winning presentation specialist and founder of Puffingston Presentations - a presentation agency based in Austin, Texas.

Goetting specializes in crafting dynamic, interactive presentation experiences for tech companies and has developed keynotes for CES keynotes, SXSW Accelerator winners, TEDx speakers, and executives at Dell, IBM, Siemens, Western Union, and SAP Concur.

Prior to Puffingston Presentations, Goetting was Sales Manager at RSI Video Technologies where he developed real-world presentation techniques his team incorporates today with speakers and companies around the world.

Goetting is a winner of the Best Business Prezi award and a certified Prezi Expert.

Join the Virtual Revolution!

Add interactivity to your online presentations

Adding interactivity throughout the presentation gets your audience to contribute. In traditional keynote structures, we have an intro, three main sections, and a conclusion.

During the intro of your online call, you can give a preview of those sections to your audience and throw in a poll asking people which one is most interesting to them.

This way you set the expectations and your audience can actually participate. It’s not a significant change, but a way to rethink presentations.

Why use polls in your presentations

Taking the pressure off yourself as a presenter is a huge part of giving a great presentation. If you’re unsure of something or doubt how your audience will perceive it – simply ask them with a poll! Tools like Slido can always help alleviate pressure both off of you and your audience.

What to expect from Luke's session at Present to Succeed?

Luke likes to say “Practice what you preach” so you can expect him to share what he teaches his clients about enthusiasm, energy, interactivity, and more. He will not just share his insights, but also introduce them by demonstrating how they shape a great presentation to you as the audience.

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