Mario Bakalov is an aircraft pilot, a motivational speaker, and a project initiator who delivers management & soft skill training.

Mario became a part of aviation history by landing the largest passenger airliner at Sofia Airport. His career evolved into becoming a motivational speaker who now inspires and influences people worldwide with his success story and training programs.

His corporate training courses include management training, soft skill training for medical professionals, and helps supercharge marketing projects with his work and experience in TV and advertising.

As a speaker, he has a lot of skills to share that can help you influence your audience better and in this episode, he reveals some of his insights with Boris.

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Real stories drive real motivation

Mario relies on his own story and career to turn his talks into a real story about real people and events, instead of fictional stories. For him, that’s the best way to talk about something people can truly relate to.

“What Mario can do, people can do as well”, that’s how he likes to encourage and motivate his audience to act in their own best interest.

Real motivation drives real change

To change someone you need to know them well. There will always be resistance when you’re presenting a new idea you want people to adopt. By knowing his audience well, Mario proceeds to focus on delivering his material in a way that’s personalized and most importantly – simplified.

Real change comes from your mindset

Before delivering one of his talks, Mario likes to relax and get into a positive mindset. In his mind, by delivering his talk to an audience – he’s simply visiting some friends to share his stories and talk about exciting ideas.

This helps him lift any pressure and appear in front of people in a welcoming and positive state of mind.

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